Retrospective 2014

It was quite a busy year with a lot of turns n slopes, but it got okay in the end. Things like job, life, personal space and time still are a bumpy ride, but I can at least handle it better now

ere's my artsy memory of 2014

January: German colloquial for an old hand -> Alter Has

February: Icon for Wul

March: [Grumpy Cat](

April: ape girl for a frien

May: not much done, busy with US travel preps. Here's a CatDog parody

June: Yamy being cool ... well .. tryin

July: Smore Charmande

August: badge for myself visiting a german Dragon co

September: wrapping up my EF related work for the fursuit game show, everyones favorite: the mugging walle

October: Trying a new anthro style with Titash as my victi

November: Fanart after seeing []( ""

December: a Re-Rendering of the Antro Vixen for Wikipedia. I hoped others would do that but nothing blew me away since I did the original.