Retrospect 2009

Some of my drawings of 2009

his made me look back on some wonderfull happenings last year

January*: Tyler gets ready for FC

February: Took time for a bigger badger pic

March: Cougari giftart to the awesome and nice nanook123

April: uStream drawings for many nice dutchfurs (here troetelkoala)

May: Meerkat obsession rising =3

June: fascination for badgers leads to a costume design

July: sparksepsilon at FPS ... funny british skunk-bat likes the rain *chuckles*

August: Finalizing EF pictures, watercolor workout time

September: Yamavu is a dog now ... with one big NOSE

:October: FPS Project: Boomers (collection of annoying scenes)

November: hoazins become leading in my favorite birds list

December: giftart for Henrieke and Karpour gets further attention (shading and new BG). Did many Xmas cards too but that's another story and another post :

lot has happened this year, even more didn't happen, even if it was supposed to. Hope to make up for it this year. It was a good year though, many new friends gained, projects finished. Didn't push many bandwagons this year but well, I can't be everywhere.