Progress 2007

This was 2007, a very busy year for me I have to say. After Eurofurence I drew almost as much as the rest of the year (but lacked finished pics ;) )

nyway here are some of my pics of the year 2007

anuary: Taibu the Grey (usually Lion but here Toyota) Kin

ebruary: Tarlene, a random canid pinup gir

arch: Marie, a random Sqrl gir

pril: {{ friend(name="rickgriffin") }

ay: {{ friend(name="leelee") }

une: random Vixen (free for all; CC-BY-SA

uly: Not Enjoying my Wurstsemme

ugust: Eurofurence Preperations {{ friend(name="tabbiefox") }

eptember: African Cive

ctober: Jamy redesign tr

ovember: bathing in sketches ... ya

ecember: time for a christmas punch