Anthro Vixen - Colored (V1r) (free to use and adapt)

I did a coloration of my random anthro vixen I did for Wikipedia in 2007. It was requested basically since 2007

asically a kind of test for my coloration skills I tried lots of new ways of shading, messed up the hair, fixed it and worked out the character as I imagined her years back. I did some variants of her coloring but I think I should stick with a natural red fox coloration for this generic char

his pic of Jade Nyomi is © Yamavu 2014 and released under free to use and adapt licenses

t's basically free to use, if you mention me as the original artist. If you are gratefull for my work or wanna give something back, feel free to [DONATE](

refer to the Wikicommons submission for license information)