a little #toonjune entry, here_s JazzJackrabbit2_s Spaz. I lovethis char so much.

Mon 18 June 2018

Ms. Fortune and Drew Blanc from Toonstruck for @atkelar

Thu 18 January 2018

lil Mario n Yoshi fanart

Wed 17 January 2018

Story Time for Lucky and Lyra

Tue 02 January 2018

a lil anthro approach to Penny

Tue 02 January 2018

a quick try on the original design of Krystal from Dinosaur Planet

Tue 29 August 2017

a lil painting wip of yamy chillin, very rough for now but I_m eager to go on

Fri 07 July 2017

Oops, disturbed Reynaldo from @StoriesTPoD while having a bath

Mon 30 January 2017